January – Skincare & More | Project Pan 2020

As a follow-up to my sustainability post here, I am embarking on a project pan in 2020 to finish products that have been sitting on my counter the good part of 2019.

I want to be able to finish these first because: 1) I can provide a truthful review as to how they are and 2) I can finally buy another product to try out.

Here is my list in my current basket to pan in 2020:

Innisfree – Moisture-volumizing toner with lava seawater
Purchased: February 2019
Price: $25.00
I bought this during my trip to Japan in search of a product that would be kinder to my eczema-prone skin. Would not say that this is necessarily the one, but it does get the job done on days that my skin does not have a breakout.

Innisfree – Clay Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
Purchased: February 2019
Price: $15.00
I bought this on my trip to Japan as well, because I wanted to make the ‘tax-free’ limit of $60 dollars. I barely touched this, because I thought I had an allergy reaction to it (turned out to be something else), and it makes SUCH a mess in the bathroom when you’re trying to wash it off! I would say that it is incredibly drying (as it is a clay mask) and would not recommend for dry skin. However, my skin does feel detoxified afterwards. At this point, I just want to finish it.

The Face Shop – Dr.Belmeur Daily Repair Rehydrating Mist
Purchased: December 2019
Price: Gifted
My mother gifted this to me this past Christmas just when I had finished my Avene facial spray. I don’t see any difference in my skin condition, but I must say that it is a refreshing spray to apply after you wash your face and before applying moisturizer.

Kielh’s – Midnight Recovery Concentrate
Purchased: January 2019 (?)
Price: $89.00
I purchased this at a Kielh’s booth in Hudson’s Bay, because I had a gift card and wanted a more comprehensive skincare routine. After seeing all the glowing reviews, I went for this oil. So far, I would not say that it is my holy grail product, because it gave me an incredibly tight feeling in the following morning rather than supple. I will continue to finish this product and switch to something else at the end.

Marc Anthony – (Hair) Oil of Morocco
Purchased: August 2018 (?)
Price: $10.00
This was part of a Costco package that included a shampoo and conditioner. I use to be religious in the way I took care of my hair after washes and applying this oil afterwards. Ever since I cut my hair short, I stopped using it and fell out of habit. Nothing wrong with the oil itself. In fact, I actually really like it because it makes my hair incredibly soft and smell quite earthy. Even my significant other notes how much he likes it!

I do realize that some of the products is probably way past their ‘best before date’, but I think it shouldn’t be so far gone as long as I finish them before mid-year. HA.

Besides, who doesn’t enjoy the satisfaction of finishing a product, knowing that each dollar they spent on it was used? I sure do.

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