Keeping up your New Year Resolutions

We are so ambitious. People tend to take on more than they think they can managed because we want to be the best person of ourselves. When we write down resolutions, all together, they embody who we want to be, what we want to be.

However, change starts with small steps. Never overload yourself with too many goals and To Do’s or else you’ll be setting yourself up for failure. I found that whenever I created a list with too many tasks or goals, I would never cross off an entire list. With that, I would not feel accomplished. However, when I put less on the list, I am able to complete everything I set out to with more focus. This provides more momentum to start another list with the next set of tasks or goals.

Same rule applies to New Year Resolutions. It took us however many years to get to who we are today and it would take time to become who we want to be. Start with a couple of habits to focus on first. Once you gain mastery in those, start with the next set.

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